Breakout!  (GLD)

Model Gold Portfolios: Gold = Bullish  6/04, S&P 500= flat 6/09, VIX= designing model.

Nonlinear Trading Themes:

  • CTM150618Gold: Breakout! The previous theme of limited-selling played itself out on 6/17 as the bears tried unsuccessfully to push the yellow metal down, but instead the day ended with an upside reversal. 6/18 was an bullish breakout. The new theme should feature move active buying. Upside target: 118. The current signal looks very good. The model Gold portfolio is still bullish
  • CTM150618sS&P 500: Largecaps jumped today as well. However our system has not generated a buy yet. Our preproduction VIX signal did generate a sell (VIX tends to be inverse to the underlying market) recently so the theme for this market is a trading range with the top being 2135. The S&P 500 model is still flat. (note: the official signal for 6/9 was “exit Short” not “exit Long”, both are flat signals but we were short previous to the 9th).
  • $VIX (S&P volatility): The preproduction VIX trading model is now negative (VIX sure moves fast). So taken with the S&P flat signal, this indicates we can expect largecaps to be rangebound for now.

Note: Technical comments are based on interpretations of non-linear trading models, combined with chart price action.

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