CTM provides proprietary trend change signal research based on nonlinear / chaotic analysis on the S&P 500 index and possibly other time-series as well. Fees are paid quarterly, in advance. We have two fee schedules, listed below.

Package A = In addition to our basic (“slower”) signals posted for free, we offer “fast” signals more optimized for options trading. We currently are modelling the S&P 500 but we are open to looking at select big stocks (Amazon is coming) other major indices (volatility, interest rates, currencies or commodities) or possibly big volume individual stocks. The current fee is listed on our “post” page. I am looking to work with a proprietary trading group(s). If you are looking for a $300 a year e-newsletter, you will have to keep looking. These techniques are institutional grade, and priced as such.

Package B = Theoretically, time-series forecasts could be used to forecast other data streams. Polling (elections), law enforcement and medical data are possible candidates. If you would like help spotting inflection points (trend changes) in other, non-financial data streams, we may be able to help. Fees would have to be negotiated for this custom work.

If you are looking for an edge in time-series forecasts, and a fair amount is at stake, contact us.

GH Garrett, chief analyst at www.ConquerThe Mummy.com.

Contact email: info@ConquerTheMummy.com