CTM provides their proprietary trend change signal research on user defined symbols, quarterly, paid in advance. We have two fee schedules, listed below.

Package A = Single symbol trend change signals. $2500 per symbol.

Package B = A four symbol group of trend signals $7500. Basically buy 3 get an extra one free!

Other details:

Symbols and data must be available through the StockCharts.com website.

Premium research will be sent to up to two user-provided email addresses and a notification sent to a text.

Institutional clients only, please.

Our free posted trend change signals are used to showcase our technology. Once a symbol is being used for premium (paid for) research, that symbol is no longer eligible for public posting on the website. When the bitcoin symbol is being used for premium research, I will have to find a replacement.

GH Garrett, chief analyst at www.ConquerThe Mummy.com.

Contact email: info@ConquerTheMummy.com