Modern Analysis Paradigms

Linear Methods:

Trend lines and moving averages (smoothing tools)

Linear regression (forecasting tool)

Statistical (mainly mean reversion schemes)

Nonlinear Approaches:

Neural networks (various inputs, computer weighted)

Expert systems (various algorithms, working together)

Fractals (strangely one of the oldest- chart patterns)

Genetic Algorithms (mainly used in “smart” optimizations)


At the Conquer the Mummy (CTM) website, our current main emphasis revolves around using expert systems to move our processes forward. There is an art involved in designing models. Not everyone can be successful at it.

Let CTM help you, we have a ranking program based on our trading signal technology, over a longer time-frame, to give you mathematically inspired forecasts into the future performance of various asset classes. You can use the rankings alone or as an input to your current modelling process to strengthen your portfolio construction regimen.

Spend more time working on the intellectual side of trend determination. Put one of those voluminous research reports down and email me now!

GH Garrett – Chief Market Strategist,