The goal of this website is to discuss trading financial markets through the lens of nonlinear models and technical analysis (TA). I will be primarily be using cryptocurrencies, indexes or currencies as basic tracking indicators. They are good places to start when seeking to plumb the depths predicting freely traded markets. I also am going to seek to sell my research signals to a limited clientele.

So what do mummies have to do with trading?

In the sci-fi/horror genre years back (think Jonny Quest as a thumbnail sketch) the mummy was very strong but not agile. He would vanquish his victims with a mighty ‘bear hug.’ The metaphor goes like this: You can NOT beat the market by brute strength (it will be stronger) but you have to use cunning.

So the rule of the trading game is: The Mummy (market) is stronger and try to grab and crush you. But with some foreknowledge, you can anticipate his mores, deliver a few good blows (profitable trades).

I have over 30 years of experience working on trading models. I have worked at CompuTrac (pioneers in automated TA testing) and LBS Capital Management (pioneers in artificial intelligence). The experience I have is arguably unique. I also believe the universe is a created object and thus contains an underlying order. Hopefully, this combination has given me the “special sauce” ingredients of insight to tackle the issue of financial market (trading) prediction.

GH Garrett – Veteran Commodity Watcher