The goal of this website is to discuss financial markets and trading. I will be primarily using indexes as basic tracking indicators. They are accessible to most trading accounts and tend to have active option markets for those thus inclined. I also am going to sell my research signals. Eventually, I would like to provide premium research to an up and coming hedge fund.

So what do mummies have to do with trading?

In the sci-fi/horror genre years back (think Jonny Quest as a thumbnail sketch) the mummy was very strong but not agile. He would vanquish his victims with a mighty ‘bear hug.’ Likewise, you cannot move the market, additionally the market can ‘kill’ your trading account if it catches you on the wrong side of the move for an extended time.

So the rule of the trading game is: The Mummy will try to crush you, but you can outmaneuver him by moving out of the way. You can ‘defeat’ him by anticipating his moves (in effect using his own strength against him).

I have over 20 years of experience working on trading models, including nonlinear analysis. I believe the universe is a created object and thus contains an underlying order. The “Mummy” metaphor should provide an interesting insight for market watchers.

GH Garrett – Veteran Commodity Watcher