The Goal?: “I like a sporting event in which I know the outcome beforehand, it’s more organized.” Master Sergeant Bilko.

What do we offer? offers independent research to institutional clients using our proprietary nonlinear techniques. We provide insight to future trend direction with our models. We issue an email (approx weekly) tracking the market(s) of choice.

What makes CTM research so special? Our approach is using nonlinear algorithms to model trends. Nonlinear processes are able to better model the “chaotic” features of freely traded markets. However. with the prospect of greater accuracy comes greater responsibilty (butterfly effect et al). GH Garrett, the founder of CTM) career includes significant stretches at CompuTrac (former market software division of DowJones) and artificial intelligence pioneer LBS Capital Management. Mr. Garrett has paid the dues in the field market analysis with over 20 years’ experience.

Tell me more! We provide an email (roughly weekly) with our current trend forecasts. Being independent we do not have any institutional/departmental biases. Also we are using a fairly sophisticated approach (nonlinear analysis). We are very cost effective, if you go with our 4-symbol package, using indices, it really does allow for good coverage. If you tried to duplicate our approach, you would have to hire a group of professionals and even then, there are no guaranties. The markets are nothing, if not fickle.

The pitch! Send some of your tired old research dollars to CTM and let our mathematically inspired independent research help give you an edge and leave your competitors in the dust! Check the “Fees” tab for more information.

GH Garrett, chief analyst at www.ConquerThe

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