The trading frequency of this website is targeted to be about two trend change signals a month. The signals also allow for neutral (step away from the table) readings too (sometimes called  “flat”). Currently, the feel is the website is going to be in an actual (i.e. long or short) trend position about most of the time.

The Mummy has 3 types of signals, each designated by a code on the posted charts.

1)    “Bull Trend” signals the trend is bullish, (i.e. long, blue).

2)    “Bear Trend” signals the trend is bearish, (i.e. short, red).

3)     “Cash Trend”   signals there is no trend, (i.e. money markets, green), but the previous trend has ended. This status may not be common due to the binary nature of of many trading models.

A further word on the two “exit” signals. They advise the previous trend is over or that the risk/reward indications are no longer favorable for the trend to continue.

Another term I will use is TSP (theoretical signal price). It is a technical term calculated as being the closing price of the trading day following the signal day. It is useful in providing CTM inspired traders a clear and achievable, concrete entry/exit target. Get the overnight signal and enter/exit on the next trading day’s close.

The format of the posts is both clear and easy to digest, a quick look should be time well spent. In most cases, the posts will be in the evening (Eastern Time).

GH Garrett – Chief Commodity Analyst