Adding Bonds a Few days Early (TLO)

Model Notes: I just posted on Gold and the dollar yesterday and those comments are still in effect. We are issuing the pre signal for bonds today. I like to have a signal posted for the new featured market a week or so before as this allows us to utilize the precious limited time-span to the fullest.

Featured market rotation: US Dollar for September (nearing the end) and Bonds for October. Japanese yen for November. Brazilian real for December. Gold is currently non-rotational.

Model Portfolio Signals: (Gold) Buy = 9/08 (TSP=106.13), (USD) Buy = 9/17 (TSP=95.00), (Bonds) Sell =9/24 (TSP= Waiting)

Nonlinear Trading Themes:

  • Gold: No change from yesterday.
  • US Dollar (Sept Featured Market): No change from yesterday.
  • CTM150924bBonds (Oct Featured Market): I am setting up for October with this pre-feature sell signal. Yellan may have scored points with the World Bank for the recent ‘hold’ decision but not so much domestically. Bonds are now near the high end of the recent trading range but latter day action was not promising. The model indication is for the Fed to make a small move near-term. The model is issuing a sell. The model bond portfolio is now bearish.

Note: Technical analysis comments are based on interpretations of non-linear trading models, combined with chart price action.

Premium offers:

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