First Round to CTM (SPX)

Model Gold Portfolios: Gold = Bullish  6/04, S&P 500 – flat 6/09, VIX designing model.

Technical Read:

  • CTM150609Gold: Gold is hovering near our entry signal level. We may see a pickup in buyers going into the weekend. Nonlinear analysis has this pegged as crazy oversold. We still expect a bounce. The model Gold portfolio is still bullish
  • CTM150609sS&P 500: We are issuing an exit short signal on stocks. The CTM downside target (2070) was essentially in intraday trading. The market is largely oversold, so some type of pause or reaction rally could be the next action. This is the first complete signal with v2.0. Round one goes to CTM. The S&P 500 model is now flat.
  • $VIX (S&P volatility): The pre-production VIX model is now flat also. This index moves so rapidly, further modification may be required to make it more useful, but I am encouraged with the first round (a fairly positive trade).

Note: Technical comments are based on interpretations of non-linear trading models, combined with chart price action.

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