30-Day Trial Over ($SPX)

Model Gold Portfolios: Gold = Long 4/17, S&P 500 awaiting revisions

Technical Read:

  • CTM150506Gold: The trading trend has weakened in the past trading days. Nonlinear trading analysis is not negative yet. Currently the model portfolio is still long. In the process of working on models, occasionally new work leads to revisions. Starting today, several modest changes in the system are now in effect. I discuss this further in the S&P 500 portion of the comments.
  • CTM150506sS&P 500: The 30-day trial is over. The signals over the out-of-sample test period were instructive. Several revisions have come out of it. 1) The inference engine has been revised with the object to make the model slightly more active. 2) Volatility calculations have been changed. 3) One of the major studies (tools) has been given a new (modest) degree of freedom. While the changes are in effect today (going live) for gold, I need more time to apply them to the S&P. Therefore the current S&P 500 signals will cease for approximately 2 weeks. I will restart the signals then.

Premium offers:

  • Bond Trading Signals. I am offering a similar Mummy process for Treasuries. See the “Bond Trading Signals” tab for more info. Currently available.
  • Currency Trading Signals. I am now offering a similar Mummy process for currencies. This service will involve two signal paths, one on the US dollar and the other on a user selected second currency (1+1).The fee will be the same as the bond trading signals. Currently available.

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