Bulls Didn’t Hold …But…

Model Gold Portfolio: Now long 3/31, (previous signal sell 3/16)

CTM150331Technical Read: Gold tried to lift today after two days of weakness; the metal fell back towards the end of the day, modestly. GLD inched down 9 cents at the close. Nevertheless, nonlinear trading analysis readings have now turned bullish (skipping the usual “exS” neutral reading). Recent Mideast escalations (i.e. airstrikes from Saudi Arabia) are likely to keep sellers off balance. The model portfolio is now long.


  • The S&P 500 reconfirming sell on 3/23 (the previous sell being 3/12) is still playing out. Remember, immediately after Easter Sunday, we will start including S&P signals on CTM for 30 days. Tune in to see what we have to say!
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GH Garrett – Veteran Commodity Watcher for Conquer the Mummy .com “Nonlinear signals that matter in gold trading.”