V2.0 Sell! (SPX)

Model Gold Portfolios: Gold = Flat  6/01, S&P 500 – Bearish 6/01, VIX – designing model.

Technical Read:

  • CTM150601Gold: Gold exploded in early trading but spent the rest of the day slowly selling back, then posting a mild loss (.GLD basis, -.10). Nonlinear trading signals are trendless. The 113 support line may soon find itself tested again. I am not sure it will hold this time around. The model Gold portfolio is now flat.
  • CTM150601sS&P 500: Today’s calculations are even less positive for large-caps. Non liniear trading signals are bearish. This V2.0 sell has been long awaited. The S&P 500 model is now bearish. Let the out of sample data testing begin!
  • $VIX (S&P volatility): While posting Vix signals is still weeks off, I am running the models and they are generally positive on volatility. Another indication that stock are in danger here.

Note: Technical comments are based on interpretations of non-linear trading models, combined with chart price action.

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