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092914 – Lows Narrowly Holding

Model Gold Portfolio: Neutral (9/19 signal)

CTM140929Technical Read: Gold traders prepared to start the week with renewed selling, however the bears did not manage rout the market. The yellow metal continued to hold the recent narrow range.  This combined with the over-extended nature of the previous decline gives the gold market a mild bullish edge on the technical read front.


  • Catalyst 1 – The US Dollar trading uptrend continues to be a formidable headwind (bearish) for the gold market. During the weekend this appeared to be the dominant trading story on the metal, BUT…
  • Catalyst 2 – Political unrest in Chinese produced stunning images as youthful demonstrators clashed with government police forces, in Hong Kong, through a haze of teargas. The scene brought back memories of Tiananmen Square in 1989. By the end of the day, the protesters remained in the streets but the clash seemed to lose its edge. This outbreak to flared up and caught markets off guard as a new risk factor. This new piece on the global chessboard is bullish for gold.
  • US Government Bond research. I am offering a similar process to the gold comments for bonds. See the “Bond” tab for more info. Recently (9/19), the bond readings changed from short to exit short (neutral) and this has been a productive signal. The Hong Kong unrest is positive (flight to quality) for US Treasuries and therefore supportive for gold.

GH Garrett – Veteran Commodity Watcher for Conquer the Mummy.com