Non-Linear Ranking: The power to make your portfolio strong

What do we offer? offers independent research to institutional clients using our proprietary nonlinear techniques. We provide a ranking of user defined asset classes (a universe of symbols) based on our calculations of future performance. Sounds great, right?

What makes CTM provided rankings special? Our rankings are processed using our proprietary non-linear algorithms (the same technology showcased in our trading signals) . This allows us to use expected future returns for the ranking and not simply say “large caps beat US Government bonds last month, they will simply repeat that next month too.” This is the key to keeping your portfolio in-sync with the market.

Tell me more! We can provide a monthly ranking of your underlying portfolio asset classes once a month, based on some straightforward parameter  (i.e. last trading day of the month). Orders placed before December 31 will receive extra occasional bonus “sea change” rankings. In effect, this would be an algorithm generated based on our systems sensing a fundamental change in the investment landscape. You get both. Great, right!

The pitch! Send some of your tired old research dollars to CTM and let our mathematically inspired independent research help give you an edge and leave your competitors in the dust! Check the “Fees” tab for more information.

GH Garrett, chief analyst at www.ConquerThe

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