CTM provides their proprietary signals on either package A or B. Fee is $17,000 per package quarterly for semi-exclusive use of signals (up to 3 customers per package). For exclusive use, $43,000 per quarter. Once a package is sold those, market signals are no longer publicly followed on CTM.com.

Package A = SPX, $TNX, $VIX (or instead of VIX, another domestic equity index symbol).

Package B = Dollar, Euro and a 3rd currency.

Other details:

Symbols and data must be available through the StockCharts.com website.

Premium research will be sent to one user-provided email address.

Institutional clients only, please.

Our free posted signals are used to showcase our technology. Add a ‘checksum’ to your own research signals without the drama of a consultant for a flat fee. Wow! Let us work with you!

GH Garrett, chief analyst at www.ConquerThe Mummy.com.

Contact email: info@ConquerTheMummy.com