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ConquerTheMummy model review, featured market, S&P 500 during March and April 2016. The summary: Amazing.

Note: TSP stands for ‘theoretical signal price’ and is calculated as being the close of the trading day following the signal day. It is used in all CTM price comparisons and is a more realistic metric concerning evaluations/trading results. If your current independent research provider doesn’t use this, their models may not be as prescient as those used at CTM.

CTM_ad1604sThe China-slowing concerns that roiled the markets in the fall of 2015 made a brief reappearance during the first two months of 2016. The logic being a contagion would swamp the economies of all the Earth. Against that backdrop, we put the models to work on the S&P 500. The first action came quickly with a ‘go long’ signal on March 8 (TSP=1989.26, near the closing low of March). The system held the trend and did not get faked-out in the interim which is a particular weakness in short-term linear based modeling. The sell short signal came on April 15 (TSP=2094.34, near the closing high of April). The month closed out lower than the selling TSP. Two winners out of two trades is good model efficiency, 100%. “And that, as they say, is that.”

Using the 2 signal TSPs and the close for the month, the CTM model scored over 134 points. (This was calculated point to point on the S&P 500 chart above, no additional factors such as commissions or dividends).

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GH Garrett, Chief Market Strategist for